“The Foundation’s Security Department is vital to the safety and prosperity of our many facilities located throughout the world. An operative is tasked with providing a safe environment where research and containment can thrive, therefore it is imperative that your main task is ensuring the protection of the Personnel on the site no matter what they cost may be.”

- The Administrator

Introductory Statement

Welcome to the database of the Security Division, a notable department that is part of the SCP Foundation run by Eltork. This hub contains important information related to the Security Division, including personnel files, history, department information, notable operations, rules, [REDACTED], and a guide that is useful for those wishing to join the department.

This page serves as the hub for this database. Below this panel are links to the sections of this website which you will use.

Section A-1

Record of all SD operatives

This page serves as the primary hub from which you can view the information of any Security Division operative, active or retired.

Section A-2

General rulebook of the SD

This page serves as the guide which lists rules, regulations, and everything an operative should know in order to preform their job on-site. This page is one of the most important articles in this database.

Section A-3

Guide on how to join the SD

This page explains the process of becoming an SD operative, ranking up, and which traits and skills you should have that fit the Security Division's goals.

Section A-4

General information on subdivisions

This page serves as the overarching subdivision guide, and gives general information on the subdivisions of the Security Division. This includes their tasks, organization, notable perks/equipment, and how to join them.

Section A-5

Information on SD

This page lists and describes the types of SD operatives that exist in the Foundation, and gives general information and facts about each type and for the SD as a whole. This information includes radio transcripts, photographs, statistics/data, and more.

Section A-6



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